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USTOP is really a call to action. Through signs, bill stuffers and other informational materials, UBT is saying to the Macon County public, “You need to stop improperly disposing of used grease,” which contaminates the environment. UBT is asking people to refrain from pouring used cooking oil down kitchen sink drains or dumping it in the yard.


UBT needs all cooks, whether they are at home or in a restaurant, to earmark their used cooking oil for recycling. The process is simple. UBT will provide free one-gallon containers. After filling these jugs with used cooking oil, customers should leave them at any of the conveniently located drop-off points around town.


The ritual is different for commercial businesses, UBT will go to those businesses and pump the oil out. it will be brought back to the USTOP facility and pumped into settling bins. The oil has to sit for about 24 hours so the minerals and deposits can separate. UBT wants only the good oil and not the bad stuff on the bottom because it can clog up processors.


Knowing old habits die hard, the leadership at UBT believes the rewards of becoming green and clean are worth the effort.


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