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UBT Community & Customer Relations Committee



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The purpose of the UBT Community and Customer Relations Committee is to develop and implement communications projects and materials that establish, maintain or sustain a favorable impression of UBT among internal stakeholders and the external public.


Organizational Perspective


UBT is always striving to nurture its reputation, recognizing that this effort must target stakeholders, both inside and outside of the organization. By definition, internal stakeholders are closely affiliated with this organization and include the  Board of Directors, management, and employees. External stakeholders are impacted by what  we do and this list includes elected officials at state, county, and municipal levels, citizens of Macon County, UBT customers, and the news media.


The UBT Community and Customer Relations Committee is expected to support the needs that are inherent to the preceding organizational perspective through a variety of initiatives and materials, which include events and activities and communications tools.



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P. O Box 831050

101 Fonville Street

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UBT Board Meeting


2nd Monday of each month at the Municipal Complex:

Work Session 5:30pm  - 6:00pm

Board of Directors Meeting 6:00pm

Business Hours

Monday - Thursday

7:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.



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